Bright Lights, Big City… That’s Where I Want To Be
June 12, 2011, 4:16 am
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The streets of New York City offer many struggles yet many opportunities. Even though I am from Rhode Island, which is a mere four-hour car ride, I have encountered many difficulties adjusting to the city life. At every street corner there is rich diversity and people of all different demographics. I’ve  been to New York City several times already and I am still trying to figure out the subway system, how I’m going to afford the expensive food along with how to resist spending money all the tempting stores.

I can only image the difficulties an immigrant would encounter if they had to move from their homeland to the city. Everything within New York City is about ten times more extreme.  If I were to immigrant to the United States from another place my first priority would be to find some type of shelter. If I am able to find shelter then I can get myself situated for my long journey. It would have to be somewhere extremely cheap because I wouldn’t have a safe amount of funds to mess around with. Once I was able to find shelter, my next priority would be to learn the culture of the city. I could do this by just simply roaming the streets of New York and observing. Observing is going to be key within my experience immigrating to the United States. Since I don’t speak the language I would have to quickly adjust and attempt to learn a basic understanding of English. Since I wont be from the area, I would need to be extremely careful that people don’t take advantage of me.

This past week my class attended the Tenement Museum, which is on the lower east side of Manhattan. While being there I was able to grasp a sense of the living conditions of immigrants in the 1900s. I was literally in shock at the poor conditions that thousands of immigrants had to encounter. Considering the wide range of culture within New York City I feel as though the language and job would come naturally over time. It would certainly not be easy, but I realize that a lot of other people are experiencing the same situation. I Feel as though immigrants in the 1900s compared to now would experience relatively similar situations. I believe the main difference that an immigrant would experience is the technology that has grown between now and then.


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