July 2, 2011, 2:40 pm
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Hill Holiday stood out to me in comparison to all my other site visits. Ever since interning in Times Square I have had this newfound glory for advertising and flashing lights. Something about the big billboards and flashy signs intrigues me. The presentation I received at Hill Holiday was extremely insightful in terms of traditional advertising and how successful their business has become with clients like Verizon wireless and Frios. I use Verizon Wireless so I was very interested in learning the different approaches they took in advertising their products.

Sports are another interest of mine, so when they showed us how they utilized sports venues I was very impressed. They came up with really clever ways to have individuals interact with the Verizon products. People were able to experience these products and in return consider whether or not they wanted to purchase them. By allowing consumers to interact with the product before they consider buying it I think it offers a very trusting relationship between the buyer and the product.

Another thing I really liked about Hill Holiday is that they gave us food! I thought they set up the presentation in a way that made all of my classmates and I feel very comfortable. They were all truly welcoming and you could tell just from waking around the office that they were all comfortable and joking with each other. I remember distinctly waking past a poster of Lindsay Lohan and someone had drawn a cigarette in her hand. Even that I found to be creative!  Overall I found the experience of Hill Holiday to be an amazing opportunity to see first hand how an advertising business works together to create ideas for their clients.


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