Kathleen Collins… An Expert In Retail
August 7, 2011, 10:55 pm
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My first interview was with an overly friendly girl who worked at Charles Tyrwhitt in Time Square. It was in mid June and I had just left work when it started raining cats and dogs. I had no umbrella so I was looking for somewhere to take cover until the rain let down a little. Fortunately I was right next to a men’s shop and father’s day

Charles Tyrwhitt in Time Square

was just around the corner. I began talking to the girl helping me and we ended up getting along really well. She picked out a beautiful blue tie for my dad so I figured it would be acceptable for me to ask for an interview. She was just about to get off of

Kathleen Collins (taken at Starbucks!)

work so she said she would meet me at Starbucks around the corner in ten minutes. It seems crazy but every little connection you make with someone goes a long way. We began chatting and I discovered that her full name was Kathleen Collins and she was a student at Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in Manhattan. I began asking her a series of questions such as what made her come to school in New York City down to what her favorite place to eat was. Kathleen told me that she aspired to be a fashion designer and thought New York City would be a great place to lay down a foundation. She began explaining her school schedule and it was very interesting to see how to find out how different Elon’s was. Each semester at school she is required to do an internship. Her first internship was at Bloomingdales in midtown but she said it got old really fast. She has been working at Charles Tyrwhitt since January of this year. I asked her what it was like working in Times Square and she had some very insightful answers. Monday through Fridays businessmen will come into the store looking for beautifully tailored shirts, suits, shoes and accessories. That all changes come the weekend because the only type of business they receive is from

Charles Tyrwhitt

tourists who can barley speak English. Kathleen said people would go into the dressing room without asking her and basically ruin the shirts by throwing them around and not taking care of the material properly. The businessmen come into the store knowing exactly what they want, but when the tourists come in they have no idea what they are doing. She has worked in the retail business for four years in New York City and she thinks Times Square is it’s own little world. The CEO of the company actually just wrote her a personalized birthday card thanking her for all of her hard work and offered her a job at the London location next summer. Katheleen just turned twenty-one and is entering her senior year of college. She is extremely fortunate to have this opportunity because she already secured a job before her senior year of college. Although Times Square has its perks such as running into opportunities like the one she just received, she told me that her friends will call her saying that they are going to stay in Times Square for the weekend so she should meet them but Kathleen can’t seem to understand why anyone would want to stay in that area. She said the last thing she receives when she goes to Times Square is a welcoming feeling so she doesn’t get why anyone would freely want to travel and stay there for an extended amount of time. When she first moved to New York she said the first place she wanted to go was the huge Forever 21 that just opened in Times Square. To people who aren’t familiar with the area Times Square seems like a fun attractive place but once you have experienced it you see it for it’s true colors, which is hectic chaos.







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