Wall Street #2
August 10, 2011, 1:20 am
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While I was reading the New York Post I strolled across an article named “East Village thugs beat pop star.” I was immediately interested in the story! As I began reading I discovered that the pop singer was Gavin DeGraw who I happen to be a huge fan of. Apparently DeGraw was viciously beaten by a pack of thugs in the East Village early Monday morning, and then hit by a taxi driver as he stumbled off. Honestly, I wasn’t too surprised reading this story because after living in New York City for a summer I’ve realized that you have to be extremely careful and travel in groups. You never know a persons intention late at night when you are walking home or at any point of the day for that matter. I thought this article tied in well with New York living because beatings like this happen on a daily basis but you don’t usually hear about a popular pop star being the victim!

I came upon many differences while learning about the diverse areas New York City has to offer. Throughout each of the locations such as Madison Ave, Broadway and Wall Street I saw a variety of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The great thing about New York is that everyone is very diverse so it makes it very interesting to see everyone coming together into one place. Broadway seemed to be the most diverse. Many of the Broadway theatres I traveled too this summer were in Times Square so the people were from all different cultures. People come from all over the world to see Broadway plays such as Wicked and the Lion King so all the tourists that were surrounding the area didn’t surprise me. Even the actors and actresses were people of all different races. Wall Street was a little different then the rest because it was mostly businessmen. When we walked into the New York Stock Exchange it seemed like 90% of the people working there were white males, but when we walked along Wall Street I noticed a lot of Asians, which I found surprising. Through the Elon in NY program I have learned how important it is to understand the diversity that goes on all around you. I think it would be impossible to work in NYC and not have an appreciation for people of other races because it is a melting pot of people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.


Reflecting back on all the visits, presentations and experiences throughout the summer I am very pleased with the turnout. I ended up learning way more about New York City and the real world than I thought was possible. Each Monday offered new insight into the business world and I now have a greater appreciation for working. It’s a lot of hard work but it is all worth it in the end. Some of the places and people our teachers hooked us up with were unreal. I also thought it was great how we were able to talk to Elon alumnae and see their current statuses and how they got to the place they are now.


My perception before coming to New York City is completely different from what I actually experienced. I thought NYC was going to be much more glamorous and convenient then living in my house in Rhode Island but I came to discover that there are in fact NOT stars that roam all the streets and that everything is ridiculously expensive. It seems pretty ridiculous to say this but I wasn’t able to go out that much either because I had so much work from my internship and then homework for class. During the week I would usually wake up round 8 and sometimes not get back until 9:30, the only thing I wanted to do at that point was go to sleep. I didn’t realize how stressful and hot it was going to be either. I tried walking to work most days to avoid paying for the subway but most of the time it was unbearable. On the weekends I went home a lot to see my family considering I don’t get to see them doing the school year. It ended up being much more hectic than I anticipated. Overall I absolutely loved it though, I thought it was an amazing experience and I am so lucky I was able to do this Elon In NYC program. My roommates were amazing and we made the most out of our time together in New York. My favorite part was watching the fireworks with them at BrassMonkey on The Fourth of July.


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